2hrs REAL TIME footage drawing/painting with hands & feet Part 1

Walking with brushes between toes

This is the first part real-time footage of me multitasking on 6 potraits. I never painted with my feet before so this was a totally new challenge. I never even painted a portrait before with my hands, (only drawing) so acrylics were also still a mystery to me.

I only briefly painted a (quick) eye with my feet on a piece of paper; so I knew I could do it. Then I just started out the project, but how to do it all and what I could expect was still a surprise for me.

These first few hours were the hardest and started out really slow. In the beginning of this project I got paint everywhere which only happened the first few hours because it was all so new for me. At one point you can see me dropping paint on my canvas which I had to take off. That was the only time of those 20 hours that that happened.

I started out attaching the paint brushes on my feet with tape but then realized I had less control over it. It was a lot of work because I had to renew the tape every time I cleaned the brushes so I decided to start using kneaded eraser and that worked a lot better!
My walking with brushes between my toes in the introduction of this video was kinda awkward, but luckily further into the video I discovered it was way better to just get them off when walking.

After 3 minutes the paint dries which is neccesary because I can rest my
foot on the canvas but it’s a lot of work because I have to get up so often.

I learned a lot about cleaning brushes, using paint, trying to balance and control the movements of my feet, making new connections in my brain. So many new things I learned from it.

I really love to challenge myself and get better in creating portraits in creative ways so that’s why I wanted to try this. The beginning was hard but then it got a lot of fun and it was cool to see improvement in my feet and that I had way more control over it when I was almost done.

Real time footage Rajacenna