Angel of Hope

This drawing I made simultaneously along with 3 other drawings. They are drawn upside down and I only used colored pencils. 

The meaning behind this artwork is to show that there is always hope in difficult times. The pink means softness, compassion and kindness. We see the clouds almost completely dissapearing and in the left corner there is a sunrise showing,  symbolizing new beginnings. After a dark night, the sun will always shine.

The angel is in a hopeful praying position, showing that sometimes we are searching for hope and meaning. 

Feathers are associated with guardian angels, that’s why she has also a purple feather in her hair and of course her lilac feathered wings. 

She faces towards a water with a lotus flower with light coming out of it. The water meaning the endless possibilities and the flower stands for overcoming difficult times. 

The little lights that slowly appear out the lotus flowers symbolizes hope and blessings that can appear in the most simple things in life as long as we keep the faith. The sun will always rise and sparkles of hope can appear.

Canvas reproductions of this artwork are for sale in my store.