how she started

Rajacenna, born on January 24th in The Netherlands, began her journey in the world of entertainment at the age of 4, modeling for well known Dutch companies. Her first TV appearance was at 5 years old, and after that she had some roles in Dutch soaps, films and tv-series. At 12, she became the presenter of the first Dutch WebTV for children and broadcasted on the local tv station, interviewing both Dutch and international celebrities, including Phil Collins, David Faustino, Ken Kercheval and Lorenzo Lamas.
Recognized as a child prodigy and a natural talent, Rajacenna’s artistic talents caught the attention of an American art publisher. By 16, she had already established herself and was part of a book with the world’s most talented artists. Her exceptional skill, showcased in drawing videos, gained recognition in schools globally.
Rajacenna’s talent reached international audiences, appearing in Dutch TV programs, magazines, newspapers, and even Japanese TV. Transitioning into a professional artist and illustrator at 17. 


In 2011, she was approached by Justin Bieber’s management to give him with a drawing of him and the same year was featured in the Elite exhibition in Birmingham, England. She was also asked by Nintendo to do a drawing masterclass. Owl City’s Adam Young asked her for the promotional drawing of the timelapse video for his album’s cover art in 2015. 
In 2022 Rajacenna was asked by Sony Pictures to create a promotional video for the 5 lead actors of ‘The Woman King,’ with both feet & hands at the same time.
In addition of the millions of views she has on her viral videos shared by many famous viral media pages, Rajacenna had the privilege of being featured on international TV shows and in renowned publications like NBC, Reuters, ABC, The New York Times, The New York Post, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and Good Morning America. She’s also been on numerous tv shows where she was commissioned to make drawings and show her ambidextrous artwork. These opportunities have allowed her to share her unique ambidextrous artistry and artistic philosophy with a global audience. 

Rajacenna's art

Rajacenna’s artwork goes  beyond the traditional way of making art with constantly challenging herself in her projects. Filming the process of her artwork was always an important part since the beginning and in the years to come she got more creative with it and gave herself challenges. One of those challenges is drawing with both feet and hands and making ambidextrous art. With her distinctive process she turns the act of creation and also the process itself into a visual art form, shown in her viral Timelapse videos. Creating artwork in a way that reflects effort, passion, patience, perseverance, creative thinking and creative exploration.

Her style varies from abstract, surrealism and designs to realistic portraits. She’s an artist who is always pushing her creative boundaries, exploring new ideas and thinks outside the box.
She is world’s leading quadridextrous- ambidextrous 4-limbed multi drawing/painting artist. She is able to create 8 different photo-realistic drawings with two feet and two hands simultaneously. 

her mission

Rajacenna views creating art as way to experience a state of flow, joy, self-discovery, and unity. Seeing the process and the making of her artwork as practicing a form of meditation. Through her creative journey, she hopes to connect and that her work resonates with others, encouraging individuals to explore their own creativity and potential.

brain scan

In 2019, an EEG scan revealed unusual brain activity during her drawing sessions, with an “Einstein brain signature”, activity similar to epilepsy and the highest recorded brain peak performance. Neuro therapist and world’s number one EEG Biofeedback expert Bill Scott and other experts marveled at the exceptional nature of Rajacenna’s brain.


During these measurements, Rajacenna’s brain showed:

• an Einstein brain signature

• the highest brain peak performance ever measured

• that it is for the most part sleeping during drawing simultaneously at the highest level

Rajacenna is an “extraordinary human being; she has a very exceptional brain”: is the conclusion of Bill Scott and several brain experts. “I have never seen this before in anyone’s brain.”

the name

Beyond her talents, the name ‘Rajacenna,’ a unique invention by her mother, had to be officially approved by the Dutch municipality. It combines elements from Ravenna, Jaco (father), and Celesta (mother), making it a name that, at its inception, did not exist anywhere in the world.