Clarification Project10

Rajacenna is currently working on Project10 live at Museum Vlaardingen (the Netherlands); which needs some additional clarification. 

This project is a new art initiative of at least 40 hours work-time.

The videos on the internet are, of course, speed-up videos, played back in just 30 seconds with an acceleration of, for example, 4800 times.

In practice, this means that the whole process takes a lot of hours and patience. And as every artist knows, working on ten different artworks simultaneously is a challenging task, especially when working with hands and feet, upside down, and with a variety of colors.

The process also involves mixing paint and working precisely with patience and attention to detail, sometimes down to the millimeter.

For those who want to visit the museum, it’s important to understand that Rajacenna is really working at Museum Vlaardingen and is very concentrated. Just like with other artists, this requires time and dedication.

Visitors can take a seat in the auditorium section of the museum to watch Rajacenna at work. There may also be a chance to admire the end result as it gets closer later in the month of April.

What makes Rajacenna unique is her extraordinary brain activity, as determined by an EEG brain scan. Her brain operates at the highest level while she simultaneously paints/draws and switches focus to the next artwork, thanks to a very strong concentration.

It’s important to note that during peak moments of this intense focus, such as for two hours, she prefers not to be distracted in order to produce the best work.

However, this can be a bit more challenging in the museum, where visitors walk by and sometimes want to talk to her.

Rajacenna is always open for a quick chat and photos, after 4:00 p.m. when she takes a break from her work.