Day 1 – Preparations creating 10 Paintings with hands & feet live at the museum

Before starting this whole new Project painting 10 different realistic artworks with both hands and feet at the same time, there always are accurate preparations beforehand.

Rajacenna has to figure out several camera positions and what is the most comfortable way of sitting so her legs and arms can do the painting work.

In her own studio she mostly knows how the light behaves and even that can be a huge challenge to to make sure everything will be highlighted correctly for the viewers. Now it’s a whole other story, since she now will be situated in a museum. A large museum with big glass windows and a very high ceiling. Also, of course, there are subjects of the museum aside and in the background.

The plan was to sit in the center of the museum’s theater in front of the public. The public can watch from the stairs and sit on comfortable seat cushions.

However this center will also be used for other purposes, like for example lectures and projects for school classes. This would mean to change the stage every evening and build it up again the next day, while she only can draw there for a few hours every day.

We discovered that the table was very heavy to move, so we are thinking of a better spot to sit so the heavy table doesn’t have to move and where the lightning is also good enough, so we are now exploring what works the best.