'rocky' notebooks, prints, t-shirts


For the TV-show ‘Was Kann Der Mensch’ on Pro Sieben Rajacenna created 4 drawings, one of those is Rocky the panda. Also all kinds of merchandise are available of this artwork, including notebooks, bags, t-shirt and prints. More ambidextrous art here.

created with feet and hands

8 artworks

The 8-artworks project with classic icons like Elvis, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Einstein was exclusively featured in an episode of the populair scientific TV-show Galileo. More ambidextrous art here.

created with feet and hands


In 2022 Rajacenna was asked by Sony Pictures to create a promotional video for the epic movie ‘The Woman King,’ The 5 lead actors are drawn and painted with both feet & hands simultaneously. More ambidextrous art here.

2011 - Rajacenna meets justin bieber

justin bieber

In 2011, Rajacenna was approached by Justin Bieber’s management to set up a meeting and give him the realistic portrait of his younger version. 

2015 - Mobile orchestra


In 2015 Rajacenna was asked by Owl City’s Adam Young to create a promotional video which showcases the intricate process of creating the album cover of his album “Mobile Orchestra”, featuring a complex design of musical instruments



Rajacenna created the campaign image for the Brazilian interior brand Mosarte. They asked her to make a photorealistic illustration of one of their interior designs and to film the whole process of drawing it. “Just as the designs of Mosarte, Rajacenna’s creations are handmade and created with passion, love and perfection,” said Mosarte.

journals, notebooks, prints

4 drawings

These 4 mystical drawings was one of the first attempts creating them all simultaneously. The images are available on journals, notebooks and prints. More ambidextrous art here.

'rocky' notebooks, prints, t-shirts


Creating Taylor Swift, Billie Eillish, Ariana Grande and Rihanna with both hands simultaneously 

'rocky' notebooks, prints, t-shirts


Deutche Welle did a feature on rajacenna and suggested to make a drawing of Meghan and Harry which she prepared before they visited here and worked on it while they were shooting. More ambidextrous art here.

Cosmopolitan born to lead award


Rajacenna started drawing realistic portraits at the age of 16; these are her first drawings. Soon after that she got Cosmopolitan’s ‘Born To Lead Award’ and she became of the 400 most inluencial women of the Netherlands.

More drawings at 16/17 here