Day 2 – This is going to be the setup for Project10

Project10 SetupIt took a short while to figure out, but my final setup for my new Project, which I call Project10, is a fact.

I am used to create art in my own studio from which I know the light conditions and I don’t have to take into account that there is going to be real public passing by.

My creating space is going to be aside the main stage in the theatre area of Museum Vlaardingen. I shall be working against a huge panorama background photo of an ancient settlement from around the year 1000, a time when there were not yet stone constructions.

Also next to an old brick wall, which was once a normal very old house and for the purpose of this museum did broke open to connect two parts of this museum together.

I also did line out my tripods and marked tape under them on the floor and the whole scene is bordered for the safety of my project.

I am so happy with the light conditions on this particular spot. The natural light filtering through the windows creates a good exposure for my camera’s so that it will be all have a nice look for the viewers.

The Live footage from this day you can watch here.