Ultimate patience and concentration

The 20 hours on real time footage of the drawing/painting by Rajacenna with both hands and feet project implicates a huge amount of patience and concentration while multi tasking between each drawing/painting.

The speed up of the video is misleading for what is actual going on while working on such a complicated project. Every drawing/painting is getting it’s proper attention by Rajacenna, only it is not straight through on 1 portrait.

This project is not only about the art or the drawings/paintings; it’s also about that people can do much more with mind power than they think. This will be all in her future book as a result of her extra ordinary EEG brain scan results.

This was the first time she tried for fun painting with her feet and all started after an TV interviewer in 2019 joked about her drawing with her feet. She only gave that a short thought for fun a couple of months ago.

Eventually all the real-time footage will be uploaded to YouTube in the future.