Defining the word simultaneously

Sometimes questions arises about the word ‘simultaneously’ regarding the way of Rajacenna creating her artworks with both hands and now also with both feet.

Is Rajacenna moving her hand and pencil simultaneously with both hands at the same time and does she stroke her pencil exactly at the same time left and right?

Well the answer is yes and no: a lot of moments she in fact does stroke two pencils exactly on the papers with left and right hand simultaneously. The fact is that this doesn’t happen for 20 to 40 hours straight. For two or four different realistic drawings that would be impossible for the brain to process. The rest of the time she switches from left to right and vice versa.

That in itself takes an incredible amount of complicated calculations for the brain.

Nevetheless doesn’t that mean that this manner of art creations isn’t not ‘simutaneously’.

The word ‘simultaneously’ can be explained in two meanings. But before we do that; we give you an example for another stunt of official simultaneously actions done in history for the sake of world records.

We all know the examples of simultan chess players who can play up to hundreds of chess games at the same time. But do they really play ‘at the same time’ or ‘simutaneously’? Well again: yes and no.

The chess player in question does not have an extra pair of 400 arms and hands to play the game simultaneously. In simultaneous chess, he/she plays multiple parties against different opponents. All done in a certain period of time; as long as the chess games take to end.
Usually the opponents are all in a row or circle and the chess master walks (sometimes takes a seat) by them one by one and makes a move before going to the next opponent.

Most simultaneous chess parties ever to his credit is Ehsan Ghaem Maghami with 604 simultaneous parties.

Ehsan Ghaem Maghami is a nine-time Iranian champion with this world record. The simultaneous event took place from 8 to 9 February 2011; so it took 2 days.

The chess player in question is not really standing between 604 chess boards and makes his chess moves with his left and right hand exact at the same time on 604 boards. But reality is that indeed this is called ‘simultaneously’ the same in world history. Besides that when the master chess player is doing a move; in his head his brain is also processing the rest of the board games. So you could call this simultaneous thinking if you think about it.

So you see: it is just matter of how you interprete certain words. ‘Simultaneous’ is being used when different actions happen at the exact same time, but also when different actions happen at the exact same time.

You can move your both hands to do something at the exact same time or you use your both hands to ‘verb here’ multiple ‘object here’ at the same time. Those are two different activities.

So the chess player plays multiple parties against multiple people behind multiple chess boards all present at the same time at an event. 

Rajacenna is taking turns between drawing simultaneously with both hands at the same time and individual drawing/painting from each other. It means she is creating simultaneously with both hands stroking her pencil at the same time, but when she doesn’t it still remains creating simultaneously because she is delivering multiple artworks in a certain amount of time in one project at the same time. Besides all this we didn’t even discuss the fact of simultaneous thinking. During the actual drawing of portraits Rajacenna has already memorized which part to draw next on another paper and always has to think in advance.

It is all called simultaneously and that has been that way for ages.