Rajacenna to Create 10 Paintings with Hands and Feet Simultaneously LIVE at Museum

set up art stageRajacenna will be working live during the ‘PowerWomen’ exhibition at Museum Vlaardingen in the month of April.

For her new art project, she will bring 10 different paintings to life simultaneously with her hands and feet.

This unique art experience is part of the exhibition “Powerful Women of Vlaardingen” and the ambidexter is linked as one of the contemporary powerful women of Vlaardingen to an admirable woman from Vlaardingen’s past. Read here more about this exhibition. and here the blogs.

The exact days and times of her painting sessions can be checked here or subscribe on one of the lists below.

The next date that Rajacenna will be painting live at Museum Vlaardingen is scheduled for:

Sunday, May 26, between 13-14u/ 1-2pm. Opportunity for a brief chat and/or photo can be arranged after 14u/2pm.

Note that this will be one of the last times she will in the museum.

The very last date will be updated as soon as this is known.

She will be working on ArtProject10 in the theater section of the museum.

Livestreams can be rewatched at: www.youtube.com/rajacenna