rajacenna’s brain
rajacenna’s brain

An EEG scan (done 23-04-19) shows superhuman brain activity in Rajacenna’s brain during drawing, according to neuro therapist and world’s leading EEG Biofeedback expert Bill Scott.

During these measurements, Rajacenna’s brain showed:
• an Einstein brain signature
• the highest brain peak performance ever measured
• that it is for the most part sleeping during drawing simultaneously at the highest level

Rajacenna is an “extraordinary human being; she has a very exceptional brain”: is the conclusion of Bill Scott and several brain experts. “I have never seen this before in anyone’s brain.

rajacenna’s brain

She appears to have increased connectivity in her parietal lobes just as Einstein‘s parietal lobes being linked says Bill Scott.  She also has increased connectivity from her left parietal (visual input) to her right temporal lobe (motor control output).  Bill speculates this is why she outputs exactly what she’s inputting.  While she’s drawing, the primary control center for her executive functioning looks closer to sleep (significantly higher delta waves) than any other state.  This is likely why her drawing is uninterrupted by thought or interpretation. 

• there are some striking differences between the passive eyes open measurement and the recording while Racajenna is drawing

rajacenna’s brain

• what stands out most (and this was already visuable during the recording before databse analysis) is that her brain produces activity visuable on different electrode points but especially the left frontal one (Fp1). This is very unusual epileptiform activity, which does obviously not lead to an actual seizure. This activity probably reflects a state where her executive control shuts down and there is no interference but an uninterrupted state of flow and creativity. So only when she is drawing her primary control centre for executive functioning looks as if it were sleeping (higher Delta waves).

Other differences between drawing and her passive EEG are:

− increased connectivity in her parietal lobes (“Einstein brain signature”)

− highly increased connectivity from the secondary sensorimotor cortex with many cortex areas while drawing (this area is involved with bimanual manipulatyion, visuomotor attention and visuospatial processing)

− increased connectivity from the left parietal (visual input) to her right temporal lobe (motor control output). Bill speculates that this reflects why she outputs exactly what she’s inputting without intereference

rajacenna’s brain

Database comparison analysis: no frontal slowing during passive eeg, the eeg looks quite normal just some increased fast wave from muscle tension.

Database comparison while drawing: increased left frontal activity which peaks at 4-5 Hertz.

3D analysis reflects that the orbitofrontal gyrus (frontal just above the eyes) shows the highest bursts of delta amplitudes.