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"Rajacenna's artistic talent is amazing'
Justin Bieber
Music artist
"It's factually the coolest thing I've ever seen'
Mr. Beast
Youtuber & Philanthropist
'Might be the most talented person I've ever seen'
Mario Lopez
Host & actor (saved by the bell)
“OMG!!! You are so extraordinary talented”
Viola Davis


Rajacenna views creating art as way to experience a state of flow, joy, self-discovery, and unity. Seeing the process and the making of her artwork as practicing a form of meditation. Through her creative journey, she hopes to connect and that her work resonates with others, encouraging individuals to explore their own creativity and potential.

"Embrace traditional artistry and discover the infinite potential of your creative skills. You can do more than you think that you are capable of "

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  • The first 4 hours of any project I always do are always crucial for how the eventual artworks turn out. Those are the hours I have to be mos...