Me Live on TV-show Humberto

I was invited as guest to the Humberto live TV-show (RTL television) in the Netherlands. It was awesome to be in his show and I was very happy to be invited! 

It was the first episode of the a series of new shows broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

The whole studio was totally new and had an awesome ambience. 

This show was about World Champion F1 car racer Max Verstappen with me as red thread through the entire show. They specially bought a glass table for me so I could draw the guests during the  live broadcast. 

Instead of creating 6 portraits; this time I made 7 of them the host Humberto inclusive. Normally drawing 7 realistic drawings will take more than 20 hours of course. During this live show I was only able to do some sketching because there was no time for me to prepare properly, for the reason that rehearsals were delayed. Despite that I really enjoyed to show the way I work! 

It was a fun interview with Humberto (who actually is master in law), who has been on TV since the late eighties and he was very nice to me. Humberto also has his own fashion brand. 

At the end of the show a singer named Colin had written a song about the whole show during the broadcast and I was also in that song which was kind of fun.

Aftefwards I also made a photo with Dutch singer Nielson who also was recently participant in a well known Dutch TV-show ‘Best Singers’. 

Thanks Humberto for having me.

Behind the scenes see video below. Official footage from the end part of the show watch here: