Through the MRI-scan for Brain Research

I have been to Germany on invitation of Professor Güntürkün who is a well known neuroscientist. I had to undergo several neuro-psychological tests, like drumming, gaming, drawing and ipad exercises.

Then I had to go in a MRI-scan for 45 minutes where they scanned my brain while people where watching the activities on a monitor.

At the end of the scan I had to do finger exercises by making movements with them. All with a specific plan, to see what the outcome will be with the activity in my brain.

The first outcome of the scan, from which I consider this the most important fact, is that the Professor immediately said that I have a very healthy and normal brain. This was a major relief for me.

For a year they are going to analyze and compare my brain with 50 other people who will take the same scan and tests as I did. 

They will be examining in detail the corpus callosum and analyze the handedness and footedness patterns.

Researchers want to know how exactly my corpus callosum manages the information flow between left hand and foot and right hand and foot. How an asymmetrically organized brain is able to coordinate the differently specialized left and right hemispheric systems “on the fly”.

The most fun part of my visit to Bochum besides seeing the town there, was dinner at a real cat restaurant. As soon as I walked in, most of the cats ran toward me. I gave it a thought and figured it was also due to the fact that they immediately smelled three of my own cats. They have a very good nose for that and that makes you even more interesting to them. I didn’t have such a unique experience before and I could have stayed there for ever